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2013 / 2014

06 The Inoue Synthesis of 19-Hydroxyasarmentogenin Douglass F. Taber
13 C-O Ring Construction: The Martín and Martín Synthesis of Teurilene Tristan H. Lambert
20 C-O Ring-Containing Natural Products: Cyanolide A (Krische), Bisabosqual A (Parker), Iso-Eriobrucinol A (Hsung), Trichodermolide A (Hiroya), Batrachotoxin Core (Du Bois) Tristan H. Lambert
27 Selective Functionalization of C-H Bonds Douglass F. Taber
03 The Nakada Synthesis of (+)-Ophiobolin A Douglass F. Taber
10 Construction of Single Stereocenters Tristan H. Lambert
17 Construction of Alkylated Stereocenters Zara M. Seibel, Tristan H. Lambert
24 Construction of Multiple Stereocenters Léa Benkoski, Tristan H. Lambert
03 The Herzon Synthesis of (-)-Acutumine Douglass F. Taber
10 C-C Bond Construction: The Zhu Synthesis of Goniomitine Douglass F. Taber
17 Alkenes Allison K. Griffith, Tristan H. Lambert
24 Oxidation Eric D. Nacsa, Tristan H. Lambert
31 Reduction Jeffrey S. Bandar
07 The Njardarson Synthesis of Vinigrol Douglass F. Taber
14 C-O Ring Formation Tristan H. Lambert
21 Total Synthesis of C-O Natural Products Tristan H. Lambert