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Abstracts of articles in the field of organic synthesis,
published in the most highly regarded organic chemistry journals

Convenient and Environment-Friendly Synthesis of Sulfonyl Chlorides from S-Alkylisothiourea Salts via N-Chlorosuccinimide Chlorosulfonation
Z. Yang, J. Xu, Synthesis, 2013, 45, 1675-1682.

Efficient Copper(II) Acetate Catalyzed Homo- and Heterocoupling of Terminal Alkynes at Ambient Conditions
K. Balaraman, V. Kesavan, Synthesis, 2010, 3461-3466.

Ring-Opening Reactions of Epoxides Catalyzed by Molybdenum(VI) Dichloride Dioxide
K. Jeyakumar, D. K. Chand, Synthesis, 2008, 807-819.

Synthesis of Indolines via Pd(II)-Catalyzed Amination of C-H Bonds Using PhI(OAc)2 as the Bystanding Oxidant
T.-S. Mei, D. Leow, H. Xiao, B. N. Laforteza, J.-Q. Yu, Org. Lett., 2013, 15, 3058-3061.

Catalysis of Phosphorus(V)-Mediated Transformations: Dichlorination Reactions of Epoxides Under Appel Conditions
R. M. Denton, X. Tang, A. Przeslak, Org. Lett., 2010, 12, 4678-4681.

Vinylation of Aromatic Halides Using Inexpensive Organosilicon Reagents. Illustration of Design of Experiment Protocols
S. E. Denmark, C. R. Butler, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2008, 130, 3690-3704.

Mild and Selective Organocatalytic Iodination of Activated Aromatic Compounds
Z.-Y. Li, H.-Z. Ma, C. Han, H.-T. Xi, Q. Meng, X. Chen, X.-Q. Sun, Synthesis, 2013, 45, 1667-1674.

Alkene Syn Dihydroxylation with Malonoyl Peroxides
J. C. Griffith, K. M. Jones, S. Picon, M. J. Rawling, B. M. Kariuki, M. Campbell, N. C. O. Tomkinson, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2010, 132, 14410-14411.

Stereoselective Synthesis of Trisubstituted E-Iodoalkenes by Indium-Catalyzed syn-Addition of 1,3-Dicarbonyl Compounds to 1-Iodoalkynes
H. Tsuji, T. Fujimoto, K. Endo, M. Nakamura, E. Nakamura, Org. Lett., 2008, 10, 1219-1221.

A Predictably Selective Nitration of Olefin with Fe(NO3)3 and TEMPO
T. Naveen, S. Maity, U. Sharma, D. Maiti, J. Org. Chem., 2013, 78, 5949-5954.

Hofmann Rearrangement of Carboxamides Mediated by Hypervalent Iodine Species Generated in Situ from Iodobenzene and Oxone: Reaction Scope and Limitations
A. A. Zagulyaeva, C. T. Banek, M. S. Yusubov, V. V. Zhdankin, Org. Lett., 2010, 12, 4644-4647.

Indium(III) Trifluoromethanesulfonate: An Efficient Reusable Catalyst for the Alkynylation-Cyclization of 2-Aminoaryl Ketones and Synthesis of 2,4-Disubstituted Quinolines
K. C. Lekhok, D. Prajapati, R. C. Boruah, Synlett, 2008, 655-658.

PhI(OCOCF3)2-Mediated C-C Bond Formation Concomitant with a 1,2-Aryl Shift in a Metal-Free Synthesis of 3-Arylquinolin-2-ones
L. Liu, H. Lu, H. Wang, C. Yang, X. Zhang, D. Zhang-Negrerie, Y. Du, K. Zhao, Org. Lett., 2013, 15, 2903-2909.

Nitroethane in Polyphosphoric Acid: A New Reagent for Acetamidation and Amination of Aromatic Compounds
A. V. Aksenov, N. A. Aksenov, O. N. Nadein, I. V. Aksenova, Synlett, 2010, 2628-2630.

Synthesis of Dihydropyridines and Pyridines from Imines and Alkynes via C-H Activation
D. A. Colby, R. G. Berman, J. A. Ellman, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2008, 130, 3645-3651.

Synthesis of Substituted 3-Iodocoumarins and 3-Iodobutenolides via Electrophilic Iodocyclization of Ethoxyalkyne Diols
M. S. Reddy, N. Thirupathi, M. H. Babu, S. Puri, J. Org. Chem., 2013, 78, 5878-5888.

Synthesis of Substituted Indole from 2-Aminobenzaldehyde through [1,2]-Aryl Shift
P. Levesque, P.-A. Forunier, J. Org. Chem., 2010, 75, 7033-7036.

Hot Water-Promoted Ring-Opening of Epoxides and Aziridines by Water and Other Nucleophiles
Z. Whang, Y.-T. Cui, Z.-B. Xu, J. Qu, J. Org. Chem., 2008, 73, 2270-2274.

Gold(III)-Catalyzed Three-Component Coupling Reaction (TCC) Selective toward Furans
J. Li. L. Liu, D. Ding, J. Sun, Y. Ji, J. Dong, Org. Lett., 2013, 15, 2858-2861.

Asymmetric Synthesis of Indolines by Catalytic Enantioselective Reduction of 3H-Indoles
M. Rueping, C. Brinkmann, A. P. Antonchick, I. Atoresei, Org. Lett., 2010, 12, 4604-4607.

Tin-Free Giese Reaction and the Related Radical Carbonylation Using Alkyl Iodides and Cyanoborohydrides
I. Ryu, S. Uehara, H. Hirao, T. Fukuyama, Org. Lett., 2008, 10, 1005-1008.

Mild and Selective Organocatalytic Iodination of Activated Aromatic Compounds
G. Jakab, A. Hosseini, H. Hausmann, P. R. Schreiner, Synthesis, 2013, 45, 1635-1640.

Rhodium-Catalyzed Regioselective Amination of Secondary Allylic Trichloroacetimidates with Unactivated Aromatic Amines
J. S. Arnold, R. F. Stone, H. M. Nguyen, Org. Lett., 2010, 12, 4580-4583.

Novel One-Pot, Three-Component Synthesis of New 2-Alkyl-5-aryl-(1H)-pyrrole-4-ol in Water
B. Khalili, P. Jajarmi, B. Eftekhari-Sis, M. M. Hashemi, J. Org. Chem., 2008, 73, 2090-2095.

Double Reformatsky Reaction: Divergent Synthesis of δ-Hydroxy-β-ketoesters
M. Mineno, Y. Sawai, H. Kanno, N. Sawada, H. Mizufune J. Org. Chem., 2013, 78, 5843-5850.

Carboxylic Acid-Promoted Copper(I)-Catalyzed Azide-Alkyne Cycloaddition
C. Shao, X. Wang, J. Xu, J. Zhao, Q. Zhang, Y. Hu, J. Org. Chem., 2010, 75, 7002-7005.

Suzuki-Miyaura Coupling of Diarylmethyl Carbonates with Arylboronic Acids: A New Access to Triarylmethanes
J.-Y. Yu, R. Kuwano, Org. Lett., 2008, 10, 973-976.

A Mild Chemoselective Ru-Catalyzed Reduction of Alkynes, Ketones, and Nitro Compounds
T. Schabel, C. Belger, B. Plietker, Org. Lett., 2013, 15, 2858-2861.

Synthesis of N-Arylindazoles and Benzimidazoles from a Common Intermediate
B. C. Wray, J. P. Stambuli, Org. Lett., 2010, 12, 4576-4579.

Silver-Catalyzed Benzylation and Allylation Reactions of Tertiary and Secondary Alkyl Halides with Grignard Reagents
H. Someya, H. Ohmiya, H. Yorimitsu, K. Oshima, Org. Lett., 2008, 10, 969-971.