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Abstracts of articles in the field of organic synthesis,
published in the most highly regarded organic chemistry journals

Synthesis of Enantioenriched Tertiary Boronic Esters by the Lithiation/Borylation of Secondary Alkyl Benzoates
A. P. Pulis, D. J. Blair, E. Torres, V. K. Aggarwal, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2013, 135, 16054-16057.

Cycloisomerization of Bifunctionalized Allenes: Synthesis of 3(2H)-Furanones in Water
M. Poonoth, N. Krause, J. Org. Chem., 2011, 76, 1934-1936.

Catalytic Asymmetric Synthesis of 2,2-Disubstituted Terminal Epoxides via Dimethyloxosulfonium Methylide Addition to Ketones
T. Sone, A. Yamaguchi, S. Matsunaga, M. Shibasaki, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2008, 130, 10078-10079.

Samarium(III) Triflate as an Efficient and Reusable Catalyst for Facile Synthesis of Benzoxazoles and Benzothiazoles in Aqueous Medium
P. B. Gorepatil, Y. D. Mane, V. S. Ingle, Synlett, 2013, 24, 2241-2244.

Room Temperature, Metal-Free Synthesis of Diaryl Ethers with Use of Diaryliodonium Salts
N. Jalalian, E. E. Ishikawa, L. F. Silwa, Jr., B. Olofsson, Org. Lett., 2011, 13, 1552-1555.

Selective O-Deallylation of o-Allyloxyanisoles
R. Sanz, A. Martínez, C. Marcos, F. J. Fańanás, Synlett, 2008, 1957-1960.

Medium Buffer Effects on the Condensation of L-Cysteine and Aryl Nitriles to (R)-2-Aryl-4,5-dihydrothiazole-4-carboxylic Acids
O. V. Maltsev, V. Walter, M. J. Brandl, L. Hintermann, Synthesis, 2013, 45, 2763-2767.

Pd-Catalyzed Carbonylation of Diazo Compounds at Atmospheric Pressure: A Catalytic Approach to Ketenes
Z. Zhang, Y. Liu, L. Ling, Y. Li, Y. Dong, M. Gong, X. Zhao, Y. Zhang, J. Wang, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2011, 133, 4330-4341.

Copper-Catalyzed Sonogashira-Type Reactions Under Mild Palladium-Free Conditions
F. Monnier, F. Turtaut, L. Duroure, M. Taillefer, Org. Lett., 2008, 10, 3203-3206.

Iron-Catalyzed Ring-Opening Azidation and Allylation of O-Heterocycles
Y. Sawama, K. Shibata, Y. Sawama, M. Takubo, Y. Monguchi, N. Krause, H. Sajiki, Org. Lett., 2013, 15, 5282-5285.

Carbon-Sulfur Bond Formation via Iridium-Catalyzed Asymmetric Allylation of Aliphatic Thiols
N. Gao, S. Zheng, W. Yang, X. Zhao, Org. Lett., 2011, 13, 1514-1516.

Multivalent Metal Salts as Versatile Catalysts for the Amidation of Long-Chain Aliphatic Acids with Aliphatic Amines
Y. Terada, N. Ieda, K. Komura, Y. Sugi, Synthesis, 2008, 2318-2319.

Enantio- and Regioselective CuH-Catalyzed Hydroamination of Alkenes
S. Zhu, N. Niljianskul, S. L. Buchwald, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2013, 135, 15746-15749.

[Me2C(C5H4)2TiMe2]: An Open-Bent Titanocene Catalyst for the Hydrosilylation of Bulky 1,3-Dienes
R. Pop, J. L. Cui, L. Adriaenssens, V. Comte, P. Le Gendre, Synlett, 2011, 679-683.

Distinct Reactivity of Pd(OTs)2: The Intermolecular Pd(II)-Catalyzed 1,2-Carboamination of Dienes
C. E. Houlden, C. D. Bailey, J. G. Ford, M. R. Gagné, G. C. Lloyd-Jones, K. I. Booker-Milburn, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2008, 130, 10066-10067.

Palladium-Catalyzed Methylation of Alkynyl C(sp)-H Bonds with Dimethyl Sulfonium Ylides
Y.-Y. Liu, X.-H. Yang, X.-C. Huang, W.-T. Wei, R.-J. Song, J.-H. Li, J. Org. Chem., 2013, 78, 10421-10426.

Pd-Catalyzed α-Arylation of Nitriles and Esters and γ-Arylation of Unsaturated Nitriles with TMPZnClˇLiCl
S. Duez, S. Bernhardt, J. Heppekausen, F. F. Fleming, P. Knochel, Org. Lett., 2011, 13, 1690-1693.

FeCl3/TMSCl: An Effective Catalytic System for the Conjugate Addition of Sodium p-Toluenesulfinate to α,β-Enones
B. Sreedhar, M. A. Reddy, P. S. Reddy, Synlett, 2008, 1949-1952.

DMAP-Catalyzed Regel-Type Direct C-2 (Hetero)Aroylation of Oxazoles and Thiazoles Derivatives with Acid Chlorides
P. Lassalas, F. Marsais, C. Hoarau, Synlett, 2013, 24, 2233-2240.

Enantioselective α-Arylation of Aldehydes via the Productive Merger of Iodonium Salts and Organocatalysis
A. E. Allen, D. W. C. MacMillan, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2011, 133, 4260-4263.

Organic electrosynthesis using toluates as simple and versatile radical precursors
K. Lam, I. E. Markó, Chem. Commun., 2009, 95-97.

Copper(I)/ABNO-Catalyzed Aerobic Alcohol Oxidation: Alleviating Steric and Electronic Constraints of Cu/TEMPO Catalyst Systems
J. E. Steves, S. S. Stahl, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2013, 135, 15742-15745.

Efficient Monophosphorus Ligands for Palladium-Catalyzed Miyaura Borylation
W. Tang, S. Keshipeddy, Y. Zhang, X. Wei, J. Savoie, N. D. Patel, N. K. Yee, C. H. Senanayake, Org. Lett., 2011, 13, 1366-1369.

Remarkably Fast Acylation of Alcohols with Benzoyl Chloride Promoted by TMEDA
T. Sano, Synthesis, 1999, 1141-1144.

Asymmetric N-Heterocyclic Carbene (NHC)-Catalyzed Annulation of Modified Enals with Enolizable Aldehydes
S. R. Yetra, T. Kaicharla, S. S. Kunte, R. G. Gonnade, A. T. Biju, Org. Lett., 2013, 15, 5202-5205.

General and Highly α-Regioselective Zinc-Mediated Prenylation of Aldehydes and Ketones
L.-M. Zhao, H.-S. Jin, L.-J. Wan, L.-M. Zhang, J. Org. Chem., 2011, 76, 1831-1837.

Intermolecular Hydroamination of Allenes with N-Unsubstituted Carbamates Catalyzed by a Gold(I) N-Heterocyclic Carbene Complex
R. E. Kinder, Z. Zhang, R. A. Widenhoefer, Org. Lett., 2008, 10, 3157-3159.

Micro and Nanobubble Based Strategy for Gas-Liquid-Solid Multiphase Reactions: Palladium-Catalysed Hydrogenation of Carbon-Carbon Unsaturated Bonds
N. Mase, S. Isomura, M. Toda, N. Watanabe, Synlett, 2013, 24, 2225-2228.

Palladium-Catalyzed Intramolecular Trapping of the Blaise Reaction Intermediate for Tandem One-Pot Synthesis of Indole Derivatives
J. H. Kim, S.-g. Lee, Org. Lett., 2011, 13, 1350-1353.

Direct Synthesis of Functionalized Allylic Boronic Esters from Allylic Alcohols and Inexpensive Reagents and Catalysts
G. Dutheuil, N. Selander, K. J. Szabó, V. K. Aggarwal, Synthesis, 2008, 2293-2297.