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Highly Enantioselective Conjugate Additions to α,β-Unsaturated Ketones Catalyzed by a (Salen)Al Complex

Mark S. Taylor, David N. Zalatan, Andreas M. Lerchner and Eric N. Jacobsen*

*Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138, Email:

M. S. Taylor, D. N. Zalatan, A. M. Lerchner, E. N. Jacobsen, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2005, 127, 1313-1317.

DOI: 10.1021/ja044999s (free Supporting Information)


A chiral (salen)Al complex catalyzes the highly enantioselective conjugate addition of carbon- and nitrogen-based nucleophiles to various acyclic α,β-unsaturated ketones providing access to a wide range of useful chiral building blocks in high yield and enantiomeric excess.

see article for more examples and reactions

Key Words

Michael Addition, β-Azidoketones

ID: J48-Y2005-2140