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2022 / 2023

02 The Li Synthesis of Albolic Acid Douglass F. Taber
09 C-O Ring Construction: The Fuwa Synthesis of Exiguolide Douglass F. Taber
16 C-O Ring Construction: Ophiofuranone A (Schobert), Galanthamine (Brown), Spirooliganone A (Morita), Microansamycin H (Sittihan), Gymnothelignan N (Lee), 3(11)-Epoxyhypoestenone (Wang/Chen) Douglass F. Taber
23 Reactions of Alkenes: The Chida Synthesis of Paclitaxel (TaxolŽ) Douglass F. Taber
30 Functional Group Interconversion: The Salom-Roig Synthesis of α-Conhydrine Douglass F. Taber