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Instructions for Authors

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if you would like to submit an article for publication in our site. In your message describing the proposed article, kindly state the topic of your planned review, and provide us with a bibliography that lists the literature citations you will refer to in your article.

For posting your article at pour site, we offer a three-tier system of publication charges, depending on the sponsorship associated with your published piece - please indicate in your message which type of publication format you prefer. Sponsorship consists of placing an advertisement on the page with your article, generally for a product or service that is related to the general theme of the article.

Publication fees:

50 USD   Sponsorship will be arranged by the site management.
200 USD   The author wishes that no sponsorship messages be associated with the article.
350 USD   The author wishes to choose his/her own sponsorship message or advertisement.

Convenient payment details will be arranged as appropriate.