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For the reader unfamiliar with the Internet-published Organic Chemistry Highlights columns, each column is a brief overview or summary of developments in a particular area of organic synthesis up to the time of posting... The summaries are brief, and they direct the reader to primary literature references... For all readers of Journal of Medicinal Chemistry involved in the synthesis of bioactive molecules, the weekly Internet posting of Organic Chemistry Highlights is certainly suggested reading.

Robert J. Kerns, J. Med. Chem. 2006, ASAP.

The Organic Chemistry Portal is a growing online reference created by industry chemist Reto Müller of Liestal, Switzerland. ... Müller hopes that chemists will contribute more of these synopses...

Mitch Leslie, Science 2004, 304, 1087. Full Text (pdf),

...The section Organic Chemistry Highlights has summaries by Douglass F. Taber (University of Delaware, USA) of synthetic breakthroughs and total syntheses of natural products. Topics of recent articles from this section, which is updated several times per month, include total syntheses of ingenol and borrelidin, enantioselective ring formation, and the synthesis of heterocycles. These days, when such an overwhelming amount of material is published, it is convenient to be able to access summarized information and gain a quick overview of a current topic. However, it should be remembered that the topics are not treated exhaustively; most articles represent updates on recent developments and thus neglect the historical context....

Kilian Muniz, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2004, 43, 2468.