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Complete Retention of Z Geometry in Allylic Substitution Catalyzed by an Iridium Complex

Ryo Takeuchi* and Norihito Shiga

*Department of Environmental Science, Faculty of Science and Graduate School of Integrated Science, Yokohama City University, 22-2 Seto, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama 236-0027, Japan, Email:

R. Takeuchi, N. Shiga, Org. Lett., 1999, 1, 265-267.

DOI: 10.1021/ol990033n


The Z geometry of methyl (Z)-3-monosubstituted-2-alkenyl carbonate was completely retained in iridium complex-catalyzed allylic amination. Various (Z)-allylic amines were obtained in high selectivity by allylic amination of methyl (Z)-3-monosubstituted-2-alkenyl carbonate.

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Key Words

allylic amines

ID: J54-Y1999