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Reduction of Azides to Amines Mediated by Tin Bis(1,2-benzenedithiolate)

Imma Bosch, Anna M. Costa, Manuel Martín, Fèlix Urpí and Jaume Vilarrasa

*Departament de Química Orgànica, Facultat de Química, Universitat de Barcelona, 08028 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, Email:

I. Bosch, A. M. Costa, M. Martín, F. Urpí, J. Vilarrasa, Org. Lett., 2000, 2, 397-399.

DOI: 10.1021/ol991359z

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Tin(IV) 1,2-benzenedithiolate catalyzes the conversion of azides to amines in the presence of NaBH4. Primary, secondary, tertiary, aromatic, and heteroaromatic azides are reduced in excellent yields under very mild conditions.

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Key Words

reduction of azides, sodium borohydride

ID: J54-Y2000