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Novel Phosphonium Chloride-Catalyzed Dehydrohalogenative Si-C Coupling Reaction of Alkyl Halides with Trichlorosilane

Yeon Seok Cho, Seung-Hyun Kang, Joon Soo Han, Bok Ryul Yoo and Il Nam Jung*

*Organosilicon Chemistry Laboratory Korea Institute of Science & Technology P.O. Box 131, Cheongryang, Seoul 130-650, Korea

Y. S. Cho, S.-H. Kang, J. S. Han, B. R. Yoo, I. N. Jung, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2001, 123, 5584-5585.

DOI: 10.1021/ja005814u

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Phosphonium salts catalyze a coupling of both activated and nonactivated alkyl halides with both trichlorosilane and methyldichlorosilane. A wide variety of silyl-functionalized compounds may be prepared easily and in good yields.

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Key Words

benzylsilanes, alkylsilanes, allylsilanes

ID: J48-Y2001