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Intramolecular Additions of Alcohols and Carboxylic Acids to Inert Olefins Catalyzed by Silver(I) Triflate

Cai-Guang Yang, Nicholas W. Reich, Zhangjie Shi and Chuan He*

*Department of Chemistry, The University of Chicago, 5735 South Ellis Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60637, Email:

C.-G. Yang, N. W. Reich, Z. Shi, C. He, Org. Lett., 2005, 7, 4553-4556.

DOI: 10.1021/ol051065f


Silver(I) triflate catalyzes intramolecular additions of hydroxyl or carboxyl groups to olefins in good to excellent yields for a range of substrates under relatively mild conditions. This reaction is one of the simplest methods to construct cyclic ethers or lactones.

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Key Words

Cyclic Ethers, Lactones

ID: J54-Y2005-1570