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Addition of Arylboronic Acids to Symmetrical and Unsymmetrical Azo Compounds

Ksenija Kisseljova, Olga Tšubrik, Rannar Sillard, Sirje Mäeorg and Uno Mäeorg*

*Institute of Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry, University of Tartu, Jakobi 2, 51014, Tartu, Estonia, Email:

K. Kisseljova, O. Tšubrik, R. Sillard, S. Mäeorg, U. Mäeorg, Org. Lett., 2006, 8, 43-45.

DOI: 10.1021/ol052403f (free Supporting Information)


A mild, copper-catalyzed addition of aryl- and heteroarylboronic acids to azo compounds is described. Excellent regioselectivity was observed in the addition to unsymmetrical azo compounds.

see article for more examples

Key Words

Hydrazines, Boronic Acids

ID: J54-Y2006-030