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Formation of Arylboronates by a CuI-Catalyzed Coupling Reaction of Pinacolborane with Aryl Iodides at Room Temperature

Wei Zhu and Dawei Ma*

*State Key Laboratory of Bioorganic and Natural Products Chemistry, Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 354 Fenglin Lu, Shanghai 200032, China, Email:

W. Zhu, D. Ma, Org. Lett., 2006, 8, 261-263.

DOI: 10.1021/ol052633u (free Supporting Information)


The CuI-catalyzed coupling reaction of pinacolborane with aryl iodides under the action of sodium hydride in THF at room temperature provided the corresponding arylboronates in good yields. Aryl bromides gave poor conversion.

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ID: J54-Y2006-220