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The Implication of Electrocatalysis in MCR Strategy: Electrocatalytic Multicomponent Transformation of Cyclic 1,3-Diketones, Aldehydes and Malononitrile into Substituted 5,6,7,8-Tetrahydro-4H-Chromenes

Michail N. Elinson *, Alexander S. Dorofeev, Sergey K. Feducovich, Sergey V. Gorbunov, Ruslan F. Nasybullin, Fedor M. Miloserdov, Gennady I. Nikishin

*N. D. Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry, Leninsky prospekt 47, 119991 Moscow, Russia, Email:

M. N. Elinson, A. S. Dorofeev, S. K. Feducovich, S. V. Gorbunov, R. F. Nasybullin, F. M. Miloserdov, G. I. Nikishin, Eur. J. Org. Chem., 2006, 4335-4339.

DOI: 10.1002/ejoc.200600544 (free Supporting Information)


The electrochemically induced catalytic multicomponent reaction of cyclic 1,3-diketones, aldehydes and malononitrile in alcoholic solvents in an undiveded cell results in the formation of substituted 5,6,7,8-tetrahydro-4H-chromenes in excellent yields.

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Key Words

Oxygen heterocycles, Electrochemistry, Homogeneous catalysis, Multicomponent reactions, Cyclization

ID: J24-Y2006-3250