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Allylpalladium Umpolung in the Three-Component Coupling Synthesis of Homoallylic Amines

Chad D. Hopkins and Helena C. Malinakova*

*Department of Chemistry, University of Kansas, 1251 Wescoe Hall Drive, Lawrence, Kansas 66045-7582, Email:

C. D. Hopkins, H. C. Malinakova, Org. Lett., 2006, 8, 5971-5974.

DOI: 10.1021/ol0624528 (free Supporting Information)


Homoallylic α-amino esters and amines were prepared via a Pd(II)-catalyzed coupling of 1,2-nonadiene and boronic acids with ethyl iminoacetate or aliphatic, aromatic, and heteroaromatic imines.

see article for more examples

Key Words

Homoallylic Amines, Arenes, α-Amino Esters, Multicomponent Reactions

ID: J54-Y2006-4070