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Simple and Efficient Microwave-Assisted Hydrogenation Reactions at Moderate Temperature and Pressure

Grace S. Vanier*

*Life Science Division, CEM Corporation, P.O. Box 200, Matthews, NC 28106-0200, USA, Email:

G. S. Vanier, Synlett, 2007, 131-135.

DOI: 10.1055/s-2006-958428

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A generally applicable method for the introduction of gaseous hydrogen into a sealed reaction system under microwave irradiation allows the hydrogenation of various substrates in short reaction times with moderate temperatures between 80 °C and 100 °C with 50 psi of hydrogen.

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Key Words

hydrogenations (alkenes, alkynes, nitro compounds, Cbz groups), microwave, palladium, reductions, simultaneous cooling

ID: J60-Y2007-0220