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A Facile Approach to the Synthesis of Chiral 2-Substituted Benzofurans

Lidia De Luca, Giampaolo Giacomelli* and Giammario Nieddu

*Dipartimento di Chimica, UniversitÓ degli Studi di Sassari, via Vienna 2, I-07100 Sassari, Italy, Email:

L. De Luca, G. Giacomelli, G. Nieddu, J. Org. Chem., 2007, 72, 3955-3957.

DOI: 10.1021/jo070142c (free Supporting Information)


An effective and mild microwave-assisted route to 2-substituted benzofurans directly from carboxylic acids allows the preparation of α-alkyl-2-benzofuranmethanamines from N-protected α-amino acids without racemization in good yields.

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reaction pathway

Key Words

Benzofurans, Microwave Synthesis

ID: J42-Y2007-1440