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Catalytic Asymmetric Formation of β-Sultams

Marian Zajac and Ren Peters*

*Institut fr Organische Chemie, Pfaffenwaldring 55, 70569 Stuttgart, Germany, Email:

M. Zajac, R. Peters, Org. Lett., 2007, 9, 2007-2010.

DOI: 10.1021/ol070644c

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Highly strained β-sultams, sulfonyl analogues of β-lactams, were prepared enantio- and diastereoselectively by tertiary amine catalyzed [2 + 2] cycloaddition reactions. β-Sultams are practical precursors of highly enantioenriched β-aminosulfonyl derivatives of biological interest.

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proposed mechanism

Key Words

β-Sultams, Organocatalysis

ID: J54-Y2007-1530