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Ligand- and Base-Free Synthesis of 1,3-Diynes Catalyzed by Low Loading of Heterogeneous Pd/C and CuI

Takanori Kurita, Masami Abe, Tomohiro Maegawa, Yasunari Monguchi, Hironao Sajiki*

*Laboratory of Medicinal Chemistry, Gifu Pharmaceutical University, 5-6-1 Mitahora-higashi, Gifu 502-8585, Japan, Email:

T. Kurita, M. Abe, T. Maegawa, Y. Monguchi, H. Sajiki, Synlett, 2007, 2521-2524.

DOI: 10.1055/s-2007-986663


A facile and environmentally friendly synthetic method for a variety of symmetrical 1,3-diyne derivatives is based on a Pd/C-CuI-catalyzed homocoupling reaction of terminal alkynes. The reaction was efficiently catalyzed by an extremely low loading of Pd/C and CuI in the presence of molecular oxygen as the oxidant without any phosphine ligands and bases.

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Key Words

terminal alkynes, homocoupling, diynes, heterogeneous palladium on carbon, ligand- and base-free, oxygen

ID: J60-Y2007-3310