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Sequential Rhodium-Catalyzed Stereo- and Regioselective Addition of Organoboron Derivatives to the Alkyl 4-Hydroxy-2-Alkynoates/Lactonizaction Reaction

Maria Alfonsi, Antonio Arcadi,* Marco Chiarini and Fabio Marinelli

*Department of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Materials, University of L'Aquila, via Vetoio-67010 Coppito (AQ), Italy, Email:

M. Alfonsi, A. Arcadi, M. Chiarini, F. Marinelli, J. Org. Chem., 2007, 72, 9510-9517.

DOI: 10.1021/jo701629t


A sequential rhodium-catalyzed addition/lactonization reaction of organoboron derivatives to alkyl 4-hydroxy-2-alkynoates allows the synthesis of 4-aryl/heteroaryl/vinyl-2(5H)-furanones with an excellent control of regio- and chemoselectivity.

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ID: J42-Y2007-3820