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Selective inhibition of benzyl ether hydrogenolysis with Pd/C due to the presence of ammonia, pyridine or ammonium acetate

Hironao Sajiki*

*Department of Medicinal Chemistry, Gifu Pharmaceutical University, 5-6-1 Mitahora-higashi, Gifu 502-8585, Japan, Email:

H. Sajiki, Tetrahedron Lett., 1995, 36, 3465-3468.

DOI: 10.1016/0040-4039(95)00527-J


Ammonia, pyridine and ammonium acetate were extremely effective as inhibitors of Pd/C catalyzed benzyl ether hydrogenolysis. While olefin, Cbz, benzyl ester and azide functionalities were hydrogenated smoothly, benzyl ethers were not cleaved.

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Key Words

benzyl ethers, reduction of alkenes, reduction of azides, benzyl carbamates, benzyl esters

ID: J72-Y1995-690