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One-Pot Synthesis of Diaryliodonium Salts Using Toluenesulfonic Acid: A Fast Entry to Electron-Rich Diaryliodonium Tosylates and Triflates

Mingzhao Zhu, Nazli Jalalian, Berit Olofsson*

*Department of Organic Chemistry, Arrhenius Laboratory, Stockholm University, 10691 Stockholm, Sweden, Email:

M. Zhu, N. Jalalian, B. Olofsson, Synlett, 2008, 592-596.

DOI: 10.1055/s-2008-1032050


A direct synthesis of symmetric and unsymmetric electron-rich diaryliodonium salts delivers diaryliodonium tosylates in high yields using MCPBA and toluenesulfonic acid. An in situ anion exchange has also been developed, giving access to the corresponding triflate salts.

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Regiospecific One-Pot Synthesis of Diaryliodonium Tetrafluoroborates from Arylboronic Acids and Aryl Iodides

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Facile Synthesis of Koser's Reagent and Derivatives from Iodine or Aryl Iodides

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Key Words

hypervalent iodine, diaryliodonium salts, oxidations, MCPBA, arenes, electrophilic aromatic substitution

ID: J60-Y2008-0640