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FeCl36H2O as a Versatile Catalyst for the Esterification of Steroid Alcohols with Fatty Acids

Kenichi Komura, Akiyoshi Ozaki, Noboru Ieda, Yoshihiro Sugi*

*Department of Materials Science and Technology, Faculty of Engineering, Gifu University, Gifu 501-1193, Japan, Email:

K. Komura, A. Ozaki, N. Ieda, Y. Sugi, Synthesis, 2008, 3407-3410.

DOI: 10.1055/s-0028-1083175


Ferric chloride is an active and versatile catalyst for the esterification of steroid alcohols with fatty acids under azeotropic reflux in mesitylene as solvent.

see article for more examples

Multivalent Metal Salts as Versatile Catalysts for the Amidation of Long-Chain Aliphatic Acids with Aliphatic Amines

Y. Terada, N. Ieda, K. Komura, Y. Sugi, Synthesis, 2008, 2318-2319.

Key Words

Fischer esterification, esters, steroids, multivalent metal salts, FeCl36H2O, fatty acids, cholesterol

ID: J66-Y2008-3220