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Metal-free carbon-carbon bond-forming reductive coupling between boronic acids and tosylhydrazones

José Barluenga*, María Tomás-Gamasa, Fernando Aznar & Carlos Valdés*

*Instituto Universitario de Química Organometálica "Enrique Moles", Unidad Asociada al C.S.I.C. Universidad de Oviedo, Julián Clavería, 8, E-33006 Oviedo, Spain, Email:,

J. Barluenga, M. Tomás-Gamasa, F. Aznar, C. Valdés, Nat. Chem., 2009, 1, 494-499.

DOI: 10.1038/nchem.328


A metal-free carbon-carbon bond-forming coupling between tosylhydrazones and boronic acids is very general and functional-group tolerant. As the required tosylhydrazones are easily generated from carbonyl compounds, it can be seen as a reductive coupling of carbonyls, a process of high synthetic relevance that requires several steps using other methodologies.

see article for more examples

see article for more examples

proposed possible mechanistic pathways

Key Words

Diarylmethanes, Benzylation

ID: JXX-Y2009-0030