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An Extremely Facile Synthesis of Furans, Pyrroles, and Thiophenes by the Dehydrative Cyclization of Propargyl Alcohols

Aaron Aponick*, Chuan-Ying Li, Jeremy Malinge and Emerson Finco Marques

*Department of Chemistry, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida 32611, Email:

A. Aponick, C.-Y. Li, J. Malinge, E. F. Marques, Org. Lett., 2009, 11, 4624-4627.

DOI: 10.1021/ol901901m (free Supporting Information)

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Furans, pyrroles, and thiophenes are efficiently and conveniently prepared by gold-catalyzed dehydrative cyclizations of readily available, heteroatom-substituted propargylic alcohols. The reactions provide essentially pure aromatic heterocycles in high yields in minutes under open-flask conditions with low catalyst loadings.

see article for more reactions

Key Words

Furans, Pyrroles

ID: J54-Y2009-3020