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Palladium-Catalyzed Decarboxylative Coupling of Alkynyl Carboxylic Acids with Benzyl Halides or Aryl Halides

Wen-Wu Zhang, Xing-Guo Zhang and Jin-Heng Li*

*College of Chemistry and Materials Science, Wenzhou University, Wenzhou 325035, China, Email:

W.-W. Zhang, X.-G. Zhang, J.-H. Li, J. Org. Chem., 2010, 75, 5259-5264.

DOI: 10.1021/jo1010284

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In the presence of Pd(OAc)2 and Xphos, alkynyl carboxylic acids smoothly underwent a decarboxylative coupling reaction with various benzyl halides or aryl halides, providing internal alkynes in good yields. It is noteworthy that the optimal conditions are compatible with a wide range of aryl halides.

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Key Words

Arylation, Benzylation, Alkynylation

ID: J42-Y2010-2120