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Direct Conversion of Olefins into α-Bromo Ketones Using O-Iodoxybenzoic Acid and Tetraethylammonium Bromide

Swapnil S. Deshmukh, Kiran H. Chaudhari, Krishnacharya G. Akamanchi*

*Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology, Institute of Chemical Technology, Matunga, Mumbai 400019, India, Email:

S. S. Deshmukh, K. H. Chaudhari, K. G. Akamanchi, Synlett, 2011, 81-83.

DOI: 10.1055/s-0030-1259090


Utilizing the full potential of IBX, a mild, selective, and facile method enables a direct conversion of olefins into the corresponding α-bromo ketones in the presence of 1.1 equivalents each of o-iodoxybenzoic acid and tetraethylammonium bromide.

see article for more examples

Key Words

o-iodoxybenzoic acid, tetraethylammonium bromide, α-bromo ketones, carbonyl compounds

ID: J60-Y2011-0030