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Metal-Free Synthesis of Aryl Esters from Carboxylic Acids and Diaryliodonium Salts

Tue B. Petersen, Rehan Khan and Berit Olofsson*

*Department of Organic Chemistry, Arrhenius Laboratory, Stockholm University, SE-106 91 Stockholm, Sweden, Email:

T. B. Petersen, R. Khan, B. Olofsson, Org. Lett., 2011, 13, 3454-3457.

DOI: 10.1021/ol2012082


An efficient arylation of carboxylic acids with diaryliodonium salts gives aryl esters in high yields within short reaction times for both aromatic and aliphatic substrates. The transition-metal-free conditions are compatible with a range of functional groups, and good chemoselectivity is observed with unsymmetric diaryliodonium salts. Furthermore, steric hindrance in the ortho positions is well tolerated.

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ID: J54-Y2011-1930