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Synthesis of Unsymmetrical Sulfides Using Ethyl Potassium Xanthogenate and Recyclable Copper Catalyst under Ligand-Free Conditions

Vijay Kumar Akkilagunta and Rama Rao Kakulapati*

*Organic Chemistry Division-I, Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Uppal Road, Tarnaka, Hyderabad 500607, India, Email:

V. K. Akkilagunta, R. R. Kakulapati, J. Org. Chem., 2011, 76, 6819-6824.

DOI: 10.1021/jo200793k


Cross-coupling of inexpensive ethyl potassium xanthogenate with aryl halides using recyclable CuO nanoparticles under ligand-free conditions followed by hydrolysis of the resulting xanthogenate ester and a subsequent cross coupling enables a synthesis of unsymmetrical sulfides in good to excellent yields. The copper oxide nanoparticles can be recovered and reused up to five cycles without loss of activity.

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Key Words

Aryl Sulfides

ID: J42-Y2011-2270