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An Efficient and Recyclable Magnetic-Nanoparticle-Supported Palladium Catalyst for the Suzuki Coupling Reactions of Organoboronic Acids with Alkynyl Bromides

Xiuli Zhang, Pinhua Li, Yong Ji, Lei Zhang, Lei Wang*

*Department of Chemistry, Huaibei Normal University, Huaibei, Anhui 235000, P. R. of China, Email:

X. Zhang, P. Li, Y. Ji, L. Zhang, L. Wang, Synthesis, 2011, 2975-2983.

DOI: 10.1055/s-0030-1260138


A highly active, air- and moisture-stable and easily recoverable magnetic-nanoparticle-supported palladium catalyst enables the Suzuki cross-coupling reaction of alkynyl bromides with organoboron derivatives in very good yields in ethanol. The supported palladium catalyst can be recovered and reused up to 16 times without significant loss of catalytic activity.

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Key Words

palladium catalyst, Suzuki coupling reaction, alkynylation, organoboronic acids, alkynyl bromides, magnetic nanoparticles, green chemistry

ID: J66-Y2011-2760