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Unprecedented "In Water" Imidazole Carbonylation: Paradigm Shift for Preparation of Urea and Carbamate

Kamlesh J. Padiya*, Sandip Gavade, Bhavana Kardile, Manojkumar Tiwari, Swapnil Bajare, Madhav Mane, Vivek Gaware, Shaji Varghese, Dipak Harel and Suresh Kurhade

*Department of Medicinal Chemistry, Nycomed Pharma Pvt. Ltd., 29-31 Suren Road, Andheri east, Mumbai-400 092, India, Email:

K. J. Padiya, S. Gavade, B. Kardile, M. Tiwari, S. Bajare, M. Mane, V. Gaware, S. Varghese, D. Harel, S. Kurhade, Org. Lett., 2012, 14, 2814-2817.

DOI: 10.1021/ol301009d

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A one pot reaction of carbonylimidazolide in water with a nucleophile provides an efficient and general method for the preparation of urea, carbamates and thiocarbamates without an inert atmosphere. Products precipitate out from the reaction mixture and can be obtained in high purity by filtration.

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Key Words

Ureas, Carbamates, Green Chemistry

ID: J54-Y2012-1730