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Nickel-Catalyzed Reductive Coupling of Aryl Halides with Secondary Alkyl Bromides and Allylic Acetate

Shulin Wang, Qun Qian and Hegui Gong*

*Department of Chemistry, Shanghai University, 99 Shang-Da Road, Shanghai 200444, China, Email:

S. Wang, Q. Qian, H. Gong, Org. Lett., 2012, 14, 3352-3355.

DOI: 10.1021/ol3013342

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A room-temperature Ni-catalyzed reductive coupling of aryl bromides with secondary alkyl bromides provides products in good to excellent yields. Slight modification of this protocol allows efficient coupling of activated aryl chlorides with cyclohexyl bromide and aryl bromides with allylic acetate.

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Key Words

alkylation, allylation, Zinc

ID: J54-Y2012-2190