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Synthesis of 2-Aryl Benzothiazoles via K2S2O8-mediated Oxidative Condensation of Benzothiazoles with Aryl Aldehydes

Zhiyong Yang, Xiang Chen, Sizhuo Wang, Jidan Liu, Kai Xie, Anwei Wang and Ze Tan*

*State Key Laboratory of Chemo/Biosensing and Chemometrics, College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Hunan University, Changsha 410082, P. R. China, Email:

Z. Yang, X. Chen, S. Wang, J. Liu, K. Xie, A. Wang, Z. Tan, J. Org. Chem., 2012, 77, 7086-7091.

DOI: 10.1021/jo300740j

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The use of K2S2O8 enables a nontransition metal-catalyzed synthesis of 2-aryl benzothiazoles through oxidative condensation of benzothiazoles with aryl aldehydes or phenylglyoxylic acids.

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Key Words

Benzothiazoles, Potassium peroxydisulfate

ID: J42-Y2012-2680