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Synthesis of Iminonitriles by Oxone/TBAB-Mediated One-Pot Oxidative Three-Component Strecker Reaction

Jean-Baptiste Gualtierotti, Xavier Schumacher, Qian Wang, Jieping Zhu*

*Institute of Chemical Sciences and Engineering, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, EPFL-SB-ISIC-LSPN, BCH 5304, 1015 Lausanne, Switzerland, Email:

J.-B. Gualtierotti, X. Schumacher, Q. Wang, J. Zhu, Synthesis, 2013, 45, 1380-1386.

DOI: 10.1055/s-0032-1316908


An oxidative Strecker reaction of aldehydes, amines, and TMSCN in a biphasic solvent system in the presence of Oxone, TBAB and sodium bicarbonate affords α-iminonitriles in good yields. This three component reaction is applicable to a wide range of aldehydes and amines.

see article for more examples

One-Pot Three-Component Synthesis of α-Iminonitriles by IBX/TBAB-Mediated Oxidative Strecker Reaction

P. Fontaine, A. Chiaroni, G. Masson, J. Zhu, Org. Lett., 2008, 10, 1509-1512.

Key Words

α-iminonitriles, Oxone, α-aminonitriles, imines, nitriles, oxidative three-component Strecker reaction

ID: J66-Y2013