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One-Pot Three-Component Approach to the Synthesis of Polyfunctional Pyrazoles

Guolin Zhang*, Hangcheng Ni, Wenteng Chen, Jiaan Shao, Huan Liu, Binhui Chen and Yongping Yu*

*Zhejiang Province Key Laboratory of Anti-Cancer Drug Research, College of Pharmaceutical Science, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310058, P. R. China, Email:,

G. Zhang, H. Ni, W. Chen, J. Shao, H. Liu, B. Chen, Y. Yu, Org. Lett., 2013, 15, 5967-5969.

DOI: 10.1021/ol402810f


A simple and straightforward multicomponent reaction of vinyl azide, aldehyde, and tosylhydrazine affords 3,4,5-trisubstituted 1H-pyrazoles regioselectively in good yields in the presence of a base. The reaction tolerates a range of functional groups.

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Key Words

pyrazoles, multicomponent reactions

ID: J54-Y2013