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Copper-Catalyzed Oxidative Homo- and Cross-Coupling of Grignard Reagents Using Diaziridinone

Yingguang Zhu, Tao Xiong, Wenyong Han and Yian Shi*

*Department of Chemistry, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado 80523, United States, Email:

Y. Zhu, T. Xiong, W. Han, X. Shi, Org. Lett., 2014, 16, 6144-6147.

DOI: 10.1021/ol5030103 (free Supporting Information)

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An efficient copper-catalyzed homo- and cross-coupling of Grignard reagents with di-tert-butyldiaziridinone as oxidant gives coupling products in good to excellent yields under mild conditions. The reaction has a broad substrate scope and is also effective for the C(sp)-C(sp3) coupling.

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Key Words

alkynylation, di-tert-butyldiaziridinone

ID: J54-Y2014