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Rapid and Efficient Microwave-Assisted Hydrophosphinylation of Unactivated Alkenes with H-Phosphinic Acids without Added Metal or Radical Initiator

Panagiota Troupa, Georgia Katsiouleri, Stamatia Vassiliou*

*Laboratory of Organic Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, University of Athens, Panepistimiopolis, Zografou, 15701 Athens, Greece, Email:

P. Troupa, G. Katsiouleri, S. Vassiliou, Synlett, 2015, 26, 2714-2719.

DOI: 10.1055/s-0035-1560209 (free Supporting Information)

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A microwave-assisted hydrophosphinylation of unactivated alkenes with phosphinic acid and its derivatives under metal- and initiator-free conditions is operationally simple and seems to proceed via a radical mechanism. Good isolated yields were obtained using a reasonable excess of the appropriate reagent.

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Key Words

phosphinic acid derivatives, organophosphorus compounds, microwave synthesis, unactivated alkenes, hydrophosphinylation

ID: J60-Y2015