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Synthesis of Nitriles from Aldoximes and Primary Amides Using XtalFluor-E

Massaba Keita, Mathilde Vandamme, Jean-François Paquin*

*CCVC, PROTEO, Canada Research Chair in Organic and Medicinal Chemistry, Département de Chimie, Université Laval, 1045 Avenue de la Médecine, Québec, QC, G1V 0A6, Canada, Email:

M. Keita, M. Vandamme, J.-F. Paquin, Synthesis, 2015, 47, 3758-3766.

DOI: 10.1055/s-0034-1378881


A dehydration reaction of aldoximes and amides for the synthesis of nitriles using XtalFluor-E proceeds rapidly at room temperature in an environmentally benign solvent with only a slight excess of the dehydrating agent. A broad scope of nitriles can be prepared, including chiral products without racemization.

see article for more examples

Key Words

nitriles, aldoximes, amides dehydration, XtalFluor-E

ID: J66-Y2015