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Chemoselective Schwartz Reagent Mediated Reduction of Isocyanates to Formamides

Vittorio Pace*, Karen de la Vega-Hernández, Ernst Urban and Thierry Langer

*Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Vienna, Althanstrasse, 14, A-1090 Vienna, Austria, Email:

V. Pace, K. de la Vega-Hernández, E. Urban, T. Langer, Org. Lett., 2016, 18, 2750-2753.

DOI: 10.1021/acs.orglett.6b01226

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Addition of in situ generated Schwartz reagent to widely available isocyanates enables a chemoselective, high-yielding, and versatile synthesis of variously functionalized formamides. The reaction tolerates the presence of sensitive functionalities (esters, nitro groups, nitriles, alkenes).

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Key Words

Schwartz Reagent, reductions

ID: J54-Y2016