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C-H Functionalization via Remote Hydride Elimination: Palladium Catalyzed Dehydrogenation of ortho-Acyl Phenols to Flavonoids

Xiaomei Zhao, Jiabin Zhou, Shuying Lin, Xukang Jin and Renhua Liu*

*School of Pharmacy, East China University of Science and Technology, Meilong Road 130, Shanghai 200237, China, Email:

X. Zhao, J. Zhou, S. Lin, X. Jin, R. Liu, Org. Lett., 2017, 19, 976-979.

DOI: 10.1021/acs.orglett.6b03652

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The carbonyl β-C(sp3)-H bond hydrogens of ortho-acyl phenols could be substituted by intramolecular phenolic hydroxyls to form O-heterocycles. A subsequent dehydrogenation provides flavonoids. This oxidant-free cascade reaction is catalyzed by Pd/C.

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ID: J54-Y2017