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Bu4NI-Catalyzed Oxygen-Centered Radical Addition between Acyl Peroxides and Isocyanides

Meng Chen, Yang Li, Hong Tang, Hao Ding, Kai Wang, Lingen Yang, Cuiting Li, Meng Gao* and Aiwen Lei*

*National Research Center for Carbohydrate Synthesis, Jiangxi Normal University, Nanchang, Jiangxi 330022, P. R. China, Email:,

M. Chen, Y. Li, H. Tang, H. Ding, K. Wang, L. Yang, C. Li, M. Gao, A. Lei, Org. Lett., 2017, 19, 3147-3150.

DOI: 10.1021/acs.orglett.7b01272

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A novel oxygen-centered radical addition between acyl peroxides and isocyanides has been developed. A diverse collection of valuable arylcarboxyamides were easily synthesized by this protocol. From the preliminary mechanistic study, the elimination of carbon dioxide affords the product via an intramolecular rearrangement.

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ID: J54-Y2017