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Asymmetric Synthesis of Borylalkanes via Copper-Catalyzed Enantioselective Hydroallylation

Jung Tae Han, Won Jun Jang, Namhyeon Kim and Jaesook Yun*

*Department of Chemistry and Institute of Basic Science, Sungkyunkwan University, Suwon 16419, Korea, Email:

J. T. Han, W. J. Jang, N. Kim, J. Yun, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2016, 138, 15146-15149.

DOI: 10.1021/jacs.6b11229

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A copper-catalyzed regio- and enantioselective hydroallylation of alkenyl boronates and boramides with allylic phosphates in the presence of hydrosilanes enables an efficient synthesis of a broad range of homoallylic alkylboron compounds in good yields and with high enantioselectivities.

see article for more examples

NHC-Copper-Catalyzed Tandem Hydrocupration and Allylation of Alkenyl Boronates

W. J. Jang, J. T. Han, J. Yun, Synthesis, 2017, 49, 4753-4758.

Key Words

allylic substitution, copper, homoallylic boronates, hydrocupration, N-heterocyclic carbenes, tandem reaction, PMHS

ID: J48-Y2016