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Copper-Catalyzed C-S Bond Formation via the Cleavage of C-O Bonds in the Presence of S8 as the Sulfur Source

Abed Rostami, Amin Rostami*, Arash Ghaderi*, Mohammad Gholinejad, Sajedeh Gheisarzadeh

*Faculty of Science, University of Kurdistan, 66177-15175 Sanandaj; College of Sciences, Hormozgan University, 71961 Bandar Abbas, Iran, Email:,

A. Rostami, A. Rostami, A. Ghaderi, M. Gholinejad, S. Gheisarzadeh, Synthesis, 2017, 49, 5025-5038.

DOI: 10.1055/s-0036-1588508

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Copper-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions of phenolic esters such as acetates, tosylates, and triflates with arylboronic acids or triphenyltin chlorides as the coupling partners in the presence of sulfur and a base provide unsymmetrical diaryl sulfides. In addition, NaOtBu promotes a synthesis of symmetrical diaryl sulfides from phenolic compounds in the presence of sulfur.

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Key Words

phenolic esters, arylboronic acids, copper catalysis, sulfides, multicomponent reactions

ID: J66-Y2017