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An Efficient Microwave-Assisted Propylphosphonic Anhydride (T3P)-Mediated One-Pot Chromone Synthesis via Enaminones

C. Balakrishna, Venu Kandula, Ramakrishna Gudipati, Satyanarayana Yennam, P. Uma Devi, Manoranjan Behera*

*Chemistry Services, GVK Biosciences Pvt. Ltd., Survey Nos:125 (part) & 126, IDA Mallapur, Hyderabad-500076, Telangana, India, Email:

C. Balakrishna, V. Kandula, R. Gudipati, S. Yennam, P. U. Devi, M. Behera, Synlett, 2018, 29, 1087-1091.

DOI: 10.1055/s-0036-1591898

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Formation of enamino ketones from 1-(2-hydroxyphenyl)ethanone derivatives under microwave heating followed by cyclization using T3P provides 4H-chromene-4-ones in short reaction times and high purity.

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Key Words

cyclization, chromones, enamino ketones, propylphosphonic anhydride, microwave synthesis, hydroxybenzophenones

ID: J60-Y2018