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Visible-Light-Driven Decarboxylative Alkylation of C-H Bond Catalyzed by Dye-Sensitized Semiconductor

Li Ren and Huan Cong*

*Key Laboratory of Photochemical Conversion and Optoelectronic Materials, Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, 100190, China, Email:

L. Ren, H. Cong, Org. Lett., 2018, 20, 3225-3228.

DOI: 10.1021/acs.orglett.8b01077

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Irradiation of blue light enables a low cost and heavy-metal-free decarboxylative alkylation of benzylic C(sp3)-H bonds of N-aryl tetrahydroisoquinolines under mild conditions.

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ID: J54-Y2018