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Formamide Catalysis Facilitates the Transformation of Aldehydes into Geminal Dichlorides

Peter Helmut Huy*

*Saarland University, Institute of Organic Chemistry, P. O. Box 151150, 66041 Saarbruecken, Germany, Email:

P. H. Huy, Synthesis, 2019, 51, 2474-2483.

DOI: 10.1055/s-0037-1611798

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Phthaloyl chloride as reagent and N-formylpyrrolidine as Lewis base catalyst enable a transformation of aldehydes into geminal dichlorides. This simple reaction offers mild reaction conditions, high levels of functional group compatibility, and scalability.

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Key Words

halogenation, organocatalysis, geminal dihalogenides, benzyl chlorides, Vilsmeier Haack reagent

ID: J66-Y2019