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Formation of Acetals and Ketals from Carbonyl Compounds: A New and Highly Efficient Method Inspired by Cationic Palladium

Enoch A. Mensah*, Shawn D. Green, Jesse West, Tyler Kindoll, Brenda Lazaro-Martinez

*School of Natural Sciences, Indiana University Southeast, 4201 Grant Line Road, New Albany, IN 47150, USA, Email:

E. A. Mensah, S. D. Green, J. West, T. Kindoll, B. Lazaro-Martinez, Synlett, 2019, 30, 1810-1814.

DOI: 10.1055/s-0039-1690497

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Pd catalysis enables a highly efficient and simple method for masking a broad range of carbonyl groups as acetals and ketals in excellent yields. This protocol is mild and proceeds with a very low catalyst loading at ambient temperature.

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Key Words

palladium catalysis, acetals, ketals, dimethyl acetals, acetalization, ketalization, orthoformates

ID: J72-Y2019