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Decarboxylative Acetoxylation of Aliphatic Carboxylic Acids

Sameera Senaweera, Kaitie C. Cartwright and Jon A. Tunge*

*Department of Chemistry, The University of Kansas, 1567 Irving Hill Road, Lawrence, Kansas 66045, United States, Email:

S. Senaweera, K. C. Cartwrigt, J. A. Tunge, J. Org. Chem., 2019, 84, 12334-12343.

DOI: 10.1021/acs.joc.9b02092 (free Supporting Information)

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Ubiquitous carboxylic acids can serve as starting materials for a photocatalytic decarboxylative C-O bond formation reaction that provides rapid and facile access to the corresponding acetoxylated products.

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Key Words

hydroxylation, photochemistry, Cu(OAc)2

ID: J42-Y2019