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Three Ways Aliphatic Aldehydes React with Nonstabilized Azomethine Ylides

Evgeniya V. Gorbunova, Evgeny M. Buev, Vladimir S. Moshkin*, Vyacheslav Y. Sosnovskikh

*Institute of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Ural Federal University, Lenina Ave. 51, Ekaterinburg, 620000, Russian Federation, Email:

E. V. Gorbunova, E. M. Buev, V. S. Moshkin, V. Y. Sosnovskikh, Synlett, 2020, 31, 343-348.

DOI: 10.1055/s-0039-1691562

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The reaction of aliphatic aldehydes with nonstabilized azomethine ylides provides oxazolidines, pyrrolidines, or Mannich bases, depending on the structure of the starting compound and the reaction conditions.

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Key Words

aldehydes, azomethine ylides, oxazolidines, pyrrolidines, Mannich bases

ID: J72-Y2020