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Green H2O-Promoted Solvent-Free Synthesis of Enaminocarbonyl Compounds with High Stereoselectivity from Electron-Deficient Terminal Alkynes

Xiao Yun Chen*, Luming Zhang, Yaonan Tang, Shuxia Yuan, Baocheng Zhu, Guang Chen, Xiaofang Cheng

*School of Environmental and Chemical Engineering, Jiangsu, University of Science and Technology, Mengxi Road No. 2, Zhenjiang, 212003, P. R. of China, Email:

X. Y. Chen, L. Zhang, Y. Tang, S. Yuan, B. Zhu, G. Chen, X. Cheng, Synlett, 2020, 31, 878-882.

DOI: 10.1055/s-0040-1707968 (free Supporting Information)

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A green H2O-promoted solvent-free hydroamination of electron-deficient terminal alkynes with secondary amines provides the corresponding (E)-enamines in very good yields, whereas primary aromatic amines afforded Z-configured products in moderate yields.

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Key Words

green chemistry, water catalysis, hydroamination, alkynes, β-enamino esters

ID: J72-Y2020