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Decarboxylative and Deaminative Alkylation of Difluoroenoxysilanes via Photoredox Catalysis: A General Method for Site-Selective Synthesis of Difluoroalkylated Alkanes

Heng Song, Ran Cheng, Qiao-Qiao Min and Xingang Zhang*

*Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 345 Lingling Lu, Shanghai 200032, China, Email:

H. Song, R. Cheng, Q.-Q. Min, X. Zhang, Org. Lett., 2020, 22, 7747-7751.

DOI: 10.1021/acs.orglett.0c02997

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A general site-selective difluoroalkylation of alkyl carboxylic redox esters with difluoroenoxysilanes through photoredox-catalyzed decarboxylation offers high efficiency, mild reaction conditions, and broad substrate scope. The reaction tolerates primary, secondary, and sterically hindered tertiaryl alkyl substrates and can also be extended to aliphatic amine derived pyridinium salts.

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Key Words

fluoroketones, alkylation, photochemistry

ID: J54-Y2020